Upon entry into the program, each of our Participants is evaluated by a Registered Dietician.  The Dietician assesses each person for any special diet needs, such as diabetic diet, renal diet, lactose intolerant diet etc.  The Participant is also assessed for any swallowing issues and/or other challenges the person may have around eating.

Our organization provides two meals a day including breakfast and lunch.  Breakfast is made at the center, but our lunch is typically catered from an outside vendor unless we have a special event, such as a barbeque.

We, at VCADHC, are able to accommodate any special diet a person may have, as long as it is accompanied by a note from the person’s primary doctor.  Please see attached menu for an example of what could be served on a daily basis.

Please no outside food inside the center due to our requirement from the State of California.